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Before Margarita with a Straw, there was Accsex. Shweta Ghosh’s smashes the idea of disabled persons as they are frequently represented…The result is a fun, myth-busting, and path-breaking film that is confident in its navigation of gender, sexuality, and disability.” – The Reel@Scroll.In

There is no question of pity or sympathy — the women invite camaraderie, and an admiration that is substantial in nature, not the condescending kind that elevates them on a pedestal because it does not know how else to deal with their disabilities.” – Sexuality and Disability Blog

More on Accsex (2013): Scroll.inThe Indian ExpressThe DNASakal Times

In doing exactly this, in inviting us to stare into these questions of caste, class, gender, race, colonialism and neoliberalism embedded in this drink we love, Ghosh’s movie is an act of love.” – FirstPost

Filmmaker Shweta Ghosh has cast a gently humorous, sensual eye over the sights and sounds linked to tea production and consumption. Lush hillsides, women plucking the leaves, a clanging factory, the clink of glasses being washed, a stack of ginger, a droll song, a clattering spoon at a stall near Jama Masjid, where the tea is heavy not just with milk but a dash of cream.

More on Steeped and Stirred (2016): The Reel@Scroll.inThe HinduThe Indian ExpressThe Hindu BusinesslineLivemintMid DayThe Tea House Times

On Chatkorichya Athvani/A Slice of Memory (2015): The Times of IndiaTimeout


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