Accsex (2013)

Watch the documentary and trailer. Follow updates on the Facebook Page. Synopsis: Beautiful. Ugly. Complete. Incomplete. Able. Disabled. Within stifling dichotomies of normal and abnormal, lie millions of women, negotiating with their identities. This film explores notions of beauty, the ‘ideal body’ and sexuality through four storytellers; four women who happen to be persons with disability. Through theContinue reading “Accsex (2013)”

Steeped and Stirred (2016)

Watch the trailer here or contact Shweta for a copy of the film. Follow updates on Steeped and Stirred’s Facebook Page. Synopsis: Chai. Chaya. Chaha. Cha. Sa. For a phenomenon that is assumed to be integral to ‘Indian culture’, tea drinking only gained ground over a century ago. A successful advertisement campaign and copious promotion ofContinue reading “Steeped and Stirred (2016)”

Chatkorichya Athvani/A Slice of Memory (2015)

Watch the documentary and trailer. Follow updates on the Facebook Page. Synopsis:  Bhalchandra (90) and Kalindi Morje (83), lovingly known as Appa Ajoba and Kaku Ajji, are the oldest surviving members of the Morje family that settled in the coastal town of Vengurla in the 19th century. In an attempt to re-imagine and chronicle their lived histories alongContinue reading “Chatkorichya Athvani/A Slice of Memory (2015)”